Saturday, March 8, 2014

Toronto ComiCon 2014

Had a great time at Toronto ComiCon today; everyone was incredibly nice, and it was overall just a fun experience. Although it wasn't the best ComiCon I've been to, it was definitely worth while. People dressed as Dr. Who, Batman and Thor gallivanted around Toronto throughout the day, and even mayoral candidate David Soknacki came and took a photo with Zombie Camp.

Guests included Jon Heder, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Denise Crosby, Matthew Wood- ah screw it, there were plenty of people worth mentioning there, so I'll just link to the list of guests. Specifically, people would be excited to know the stars of Orphan Black were there. It's a shame that photo ops and autographs were so expensive.

I put together an album of some of the best costumes + the picture of Soknacki. Check it out here.

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