Dad's Work

My father was a great man. I'm still not sure where he worked in his life, and I've never bothered to ask, because as far as I can see, how he made his "living" was by writing and being a great father to my sister and I. When I first moved out of my home in Ocean City, I took with me the large collection of my father's works. He never told anyone about them -- I found them on my own. It was interesting; he would have random books in the den on the shelves, but every third page of the book would be washed out, and would instead be written with his work instead of the work in the book. I guess some of these are meant to be private, but others I can see as inspirational. The less personal, more impacting ones will find themselves on this blog.

I used to do a lot of these, but since my blog's inception the focus has changed and the material has become much more research-oriented in nature. I may decide to do these again some day if I find the right inspiration, but at present I don't see myself getting into it again. For easy access, I'll post hyperlinks to any works by my father on this page. I'll title them so that it may be easier to identify them.

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