Thursday, August 29, 2013

Imposing Morals

This is copied from Nick's Tumblr.
I’ll keep this short and sweet for everyone so it takes less time to read, more time to think about.
Something I’m growing increasingly tired of: People in our country imposing their morals onto other people.

You will inevitably understand what I mean when you read the list and what they all have in common:

- Homosexuality
- Contraception/Abortion
- Prostitution
- Drug/Alcohol Use
- Polygamy

Some of you might have a jerk-back reaction to me equating homosexuality with prostitution and prostitution with drug use, but hopefully you’ll get the point in a second.

It takes quite some narcissism for somebody to decide that their own sense of morality, a sense of morality that many others may not follow, is so flawless and so necessary that they decide it would be best if that morality is imposed onto the people next to them.

This does not mean that in order to understand what I’m saying, you have to support or take part in everything I mentioned. For example: I’m not homosexual, I would probably never let my girlfriend have an abortion (unless it was necessary to keep her alive, or was a product of rape), I don’t agree with prostitution, I don’t do drugs or drink, and I think that single-partner relationships are hard enough to deal with (sorry sweetheart! <3)

But you don’t need to support or take part in any of these things in order for you to support someone’s right to do as they please.

Because unless you look at a single strict code of morals, the things I listed above are not inherently bad. (You could argue that abortion is murder, but you know what? Bodily autonomy. Look it up, and then shut up.)

So I may not agree with some of the things I listed above. I have my own code of morals, and yes, that might leave me in the position where I judge somebody because they didn’t adhere to my own inner sense of morals.

But that’s just it — it’s my inner sense of morals. They don’t need to know what I think, and I’m not going to flat out tell somebody who drinks that it’s wrong. I’m just going to choose not to associate myself with them as closely as I would with somebody who doesn’t drink.

It’s not about supporting the acts. It’s about supporting freedom, and not being so full of yourself that you impose your own morals onto other people.

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