Thursday, October 24, 2013

One Meaningful Day in the Past

The night of Independence Day was blissfully warm, with a slight breeze feathering my hair so it tickled my cheek. We had just returned from a free show at the Music Pier and had with us about a dozen close friends and fans who wanted to celebrate the night with us. Plenty of fireworks, plenty of people.

With me I had a friend whom I had known for quite some time now. His tender smile was reflecting the moonlight toward me, and I tried to meet its warmth. This was almost impossible.

We returned to my home to find my mother had just left, but my father was still there. He looked at us, knew our plans, and so waved his hand in dismissing approval, shaking his head with a smirk. We laughed and proceeded to bring out snacks, order pizza and organize lawn chairs on the boardwalk behind the house. After all was prepared, I told my friend I would be back in a moment, and walked up to the balcony.

My father walked onto its white stone surface soon after, looking at me with a slight smile.

"So, is that him?"
"Hehe, yeah."

He leaned next to me on the rail, looking down at our friends, no doubt searching for him. After finding him and studying him for some time, he spoke:

"A bit wild, but I approve."

My face began to blush.
"Haha dad, it's not like that, we're just friends."

His head turned toward me, and he was looking at me with a crooked look of curiosity.
"Just friends?"
"Yeah, at least for now. Not yet."
"Why not???"

I wondered why. I wondered what was keeping me from just saying something.

We now live at a far distance from each other, and he and his girlfriend's second anniversary is drawing near. I guess time told its intent, and I'm okay with it.

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